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PilatesHere has always endeavoured to nurture and encourage good, strong professional Teachers and provide them with the tools they need to teach with integrity and intelligence.

repssa-endorsedQualified Pilates Mat teachers can now do individual piece equipment courses with PilatesHere. Add the Reformer, Wunda Chair OR Cadillac to your training choices, expand your repertoire, increase your potential and raise the ceiling on your income!

Pre requisites Individual Equipment:
Fully qualified Mat course with recognized/accredited provider.
Exercise science unit standards, or equivalent.

Pre requisites Mat:
Exercise science unit standards, or equivalent.
This course is ideal for professional Physiotherapist, Biokineticist etc or trained practitioners who wish to broaden their repertoire and further progress their clients.

PilatesHere CPD Courses are Registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA). A PilatesHere Graduate with a REPSSA membership is internationally recognised in the countries with a REPS body.


All CPD courses can be booked and held privately as an option.

Course content:

Each piece of original Pilates equipment has its own unique Pilates repertoire that can stand-alone or be integrated into a larger studio environment. Many qualified Mat teachers feel, due to individual circumstances, that they would like to continue their learning by mastering one piece of equipment at a time.
PilatesHere is now offering courses for each individual piece of equipment that can be taken separately and at the student’s own pace. This includes the Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair.

You will learn:
The relevant repertoire from Basic through to Advanced/Master level
How to structure a session
How to cue and teach each exercise
How to apply an exercise to different body types and clients needs
How to modify an exercise, use assists and different cuing techniques

The fees include:
All relevant manuals, lectures, exams, clinics, the learning of the repertoire, studio practice time and 10% reduction on any private sessions taken whilst on course.

Course Pricing Register for this course

For candidates who have already completed a PilatesHere Course there is a reduction in fees.

The following payment options are available:

First payment – Registration plus 30% of course fees (due prior to start of course)
Second payment – 50% of remaining fees (due 28 days later)
Third payment –remaining fees (due 28 days later)

For those wishing to pay over a longer time period a 10% levy will be imposed


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