Pilates Classes

Our Studio

PilatesHere is a fully equipped pilates studio in Johannesburg. We offer focused Pilates classes for groups and individuals of all levels. The studio boasts the following equipment:

  • Cadillac
  • Reformer
  • Wunda Chair
  • Ladder Barrel
  • Spine Corrector
  • Auxiliary Equipment


Price List 2019

Fees are charged in advance on a monthly basis:

R455 X 4 R1820
R455 X 8 R3640
R400X 4 R1600
R400 X 8 R3200
Group Equipment
max 4 people R350 x 4 R1400
max 4 people R350 x 8 R2800
Reformer X
max 3 people R350 x 4 R1400
max 3 people R350 x 8 R2800
Power Core Pilates
max 4 people R320 X 4 R1280
per session R155 X 4 R620
Mat Assessment
Per session

We offer 20% discount for clients under the age of 15 years.

The studio operates on a monthly payment scheme. However new clients are welcome to pay for one or two sessions with no obligation. All sessions need to be booked for in advanced including our group classes as places are limited.

Book your classes online

You can now book your classes online through our new system.

Book online Get the mind body app

Studio and Session Times

The studio operates from Monday to Saturday with times subject to availability. View our Class Schedule here

Group Classes

Beginners wishing to join a group class are required to do two private classes before joining a group class (R300 per Mat session R425 per Equipment session) To see the Group Class timetable go to Classes then click on Class Timetable. You can also view our terms and conditions here. All sessions are by appointment only. Please call to make a booking or contact us

Official Discovery Vitality Partner

PilatesHere is now an official Vitality Discovery Partner. Simply bring your ID or Discovery number and LOG YOUR Session to earn 100 points.

Pregnant Discovery members can register with Vitality Discovery and receive 200 points for a Pilates session both during pregnancy and for up to 6 months post partum.

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