Mat Exercise

Exercise objectives are abdominal strength and stamina.

  hundreds extension
Lying on your mat take your legs one at a time to Table Top and arms straight up to the ceiling palms facing forward.

  • Inhale – prepare
  • Exhale – Come up to your hundreds position ( arms to side of hips and legs out to 45°)
  • Inhale – pause
  • Exhale – 5 beats with arms
  • Inhale – 5 beats with arms
  • Repeat for 10 sets
  • Exhale – Deepen chest lift
  • Inhale – knees to ‘Table Top’ then recover



  • Arms beat from Latissimus Dorsi connection
  • Lower legs past 45° to add challenge
  • Take legs to 90° or keep at Table Top to lessen challenge
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