Will Pilates make me bulky?

Pilates will strengthen and tone your muscles, and should not make you bulky. The muscles are generally worked to full extension creating length and flexibility of the musculature.

Can I start Pilates if I have a back injury?

One of the main focuses of Pilates is the the aim to strengthen the core muscles which in turn support the spine, therefore making Pilates very beneficial in terms of helping back injuries. However it is important to have a full diagnoses from a specialist prior to embarking on Pilates classes in order for the instructor to work out a suitable programme.

Can I do Pilates if I am very inflexible?

Absolutely! In fact Pilates can only help by increasing your flexibility. It is important for the body to be balanced in both strength and flexibility.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Joseph Pilates definately drew on some yoga techniques when designing his exercise regime and there are similarities in some of the exercises. For those who practice yoga there will be a familiarity when doing a Pilates class. However most of the exercises are very ‘choreographed’ and much more structured than yoga poses. Many people do feel that Pilates offers them a space to focus and almost relax within the work, which is very much so with yoga. The breathing is also very important in both yoga and pilates, giving both practices a strong sense of meditation and a deep sense of well being afterwards.

“Will I lose weight if I do Pilates?”

As with any weight loss programme the more exercise you do whilst dieting the more effective weight loss will be. However Pilates is not predominantly a cardiovascular exercise form so therefore you will not burn calories as such. BUT it will certainly help create better muscle tone and redefine your shape. Pilates can have a profound affect on both a physiological and psychological level leaving one feeling more balanced, more confident and more in tune with both body and mind.

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