Business Tips

Always start your group classes on time. If you are often found waiting for clients to arrive before commencing your session and are keeping those who are on time waiting then the late comers will always be late and those on time will feel disrespected and under valued. The prompt clients will either start to come late and/or feel that their session is being compromised. This may in turn lead to loss of clients. People like to get their money’s worth and will appreciate a professional studio that runs on time.

Clients like to feel valued and considered. If there is a change of instructor for a class or a change in numbers that will affect the client financially then it is good manners to contact the client and let them know. It is only fair that they are also given the option to reschedule. Healthy communication between the instructors, studio and clients makes for a happy environment.

Exercise Tips

People often arrive at their Pilates session slightly rushed, harassed from traffic or still thinking about work. Their shoulders are up, their breathing is short and shallow and their minds are distracted (these are all good reasons why they are there in the first place!) Starting a session with simple deep Pilates breaths, perhaps including some shoulder shrugs and then going into small pelvic tilts prior to full pelvic curls are great ways to make the transition from outside life to inside focus.

Teaching Tips

Include an exercise in each session that challenges your client just enough to motivate them. Make sure that it is level and client appropriate. Too many challenges at too high a level can be very demoralizing and may leave a client feeling unsupported and unable to ever achieve their goals. See your client’s potential and guide them to see it for themselves.

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